Flowers in my hair~

I need to go out and get some fresh flowers. Today is the sort of day you wish your garden was filled with some's warm and sunny but, alas, there is still snow on the ground. It's perfect for walking...and in my case, jogging with the dogs as they go into a bark/fight frenzy at the neighbor dogs. Penny decided to take off her collar and run crazy mad away and keep barking. I didn't realize I was only walking 1 dog and an empty collar till I looked down at the leash. Maybe we're walking off some of that winter weight some of us gained, ahem.

Anywho, I finally got her back on the leash and Scout calmed down to walk home. I was planning a longer walk but felt too ashamed to continue. I'll have to tighten that collar of Penny's or get a halter collar, I think.

I made a new wood carving:

Mad as a March hare

I really love how this one came out. Makes me happy and I'm pleased with the color and feel. If it was larger, I'd submit it to the juried art show but I feel it's too small. I just didn't think about this till too late. Ah, year. This is up for $45 if interested. I will be listing it later this week on eBay. So, keep an eye out. I'm thinking of doing some turtles, frogs and more rabbits of course.

I've got 15 min before I have to get ready for the kids. Thinking should I do a mini work out, laundry, clear off the dining room table or what. Boy, the time flies....glad I got some Spring cleaning/organizing earlier and going for that walk helped clear my head. Still, I'd like to do a little more self care (workout). We shall see.  Have a good Monday!


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