Excited about 40 degrees coming this weekend

That just sounds sad. Oh, well...the reality of cold, Eastern living. I'm bragging here but I'm really thankful for our fireplace insert. It has made this the best winter, ever. And this has got to be the coldest winter in a long time.

I created this design for a tee shirt contest 
I'm going to write out my goals:

Part time work...
either find a job & sell more artwork
Get on track for going back to school
Keep submitting to publishers
Organize and get supplies for garden
Repair the house (kitchen ceiling, back porch, and paint rooms)

There not too stressful, I think and doable. Also, I should add getting some health stuff done...nothing major, just my stupid ingrown toenail and going to the dentist. I think this is a doable list. I'm putting it on my blog because it will get me out of my slump.


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