It snowed all day~

We walked around the campus, the cold biting our cheeks, complaints of the cold echoing around us as we walked quickly. The dogs seemed pleased and sniffed at the ducks, who were not as pleased. I forgot our peace offerings and their eyes filled with sorrow. Another day, I will have to remember...forgive my thoughtlessness.

Home again. The kitchen ceiling called to me and before I knew it, was being ripped out by my hands. the aluminum grid, raw wood and exposed plaster is all that remains. I am pleased with the progress. Sometimes, you just have to kick fear in the face and go for it...but do wear a dust mask and eye protection!

It's late now. I sewed some and stitched some. Funky bracelets I'll add to my Etsy, I think or eBay. we shall see. Photos tomorrow. Been working on various projects and some are finally finishing up~And others, need to be blown into life again. It's all good.

Peace and love and a good week~ good night!


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