It's a bit cold outside

I've neglected my blog here. Just been busy with the kids, critters and trying to feel better after various colds and such. Mostly stable. :) Every time I sit down at the computer and start to type in earnest, I have a nose lifting my hand off the keyboard. Our new dog, Scout, apparently, does not like typing or attention diverted from him. He's funny and cute and a bit annoying. But that's most everyone in life, isn't it? 

We've been hanging out together as a family and doing playdates for the kids. I must say, it's been really good and relaxing. Also, stepping away from some family makes them feel more like the old saying, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, true. :)

What I have learned about relationships (and this applies to everyone really), if you want to feel good about a relationship, have boundaries. It's the only way to survive and feel sane. Now, for some that might mean have as little contact as possible. That's great! Nothing bad about that and no reflection on the people. Just keeps things upbeat and positive. Some people, you want to keep closer and that is good and well. And of course, the ones who really make life worth living are the ones who value you as much as you them. I admit I admire Tyler Perry's Madea character, quite a bit. I think most people benefit from Madea's good wholesome advice. :D 

It's been really cold lately. I don't think it's supposed to go above 30 this week...but we've had some very warm winters in the past, so I guess it evens out. It does mean making time inside as peaceful and creative as possible...esp. with little ones. For some reason, I thought that as children got older, reason would follow. Um, no. What I have learned is, you've got to set boundaries, be polite (if you want politeness in return), be kind and admit to your mistakes. Kids will pick up on anything and know when people aren't being fair (or what they think is fairness especially in regards to washing or cleaning their room). It's all part of growing up and honestly, sort of funny (if you don't get caught up in the drama). But NEVER laugh at them or they will burn you with their eyes...

In sewing news, I broke my sewing machine needle while trying to sew a dog coat. I have no idea if it will look cute or horrible. Oh, well. As long as Scout is warm. 

I have also learned how to get a fire going in the fireplace. Kindling is not a joke and you really need to have a good supply or not all the cardboard and newspaper in the world will get it going. I'm pleased to say that if I have a few embers from a previous fire, I can get that going in about 20 minutes or less. I don't like to mess around with it too much, just put some paper in and a small piece of wood, and let it alone. I have named our fireplace Calcifer. Geesh, seeing this now I want to watch the movie again....don't you wish remodeling was that "easy"? :D

I promised myself, I'd try out wood burning. I better go pull my supplies together. I think I if I try by the kitchen sink, should anything go amiss, I have the water right there. Wish me luck! 


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