Snow and cold and Christmas

 Dear little world,
Guess what? It snowed. I'm over joyed.

Cabin fever, you've heard of that right? Well, we don't let that bother us here. We know snowflakes are cute and sweet. So, we wear our plastic bag hats to remember those snowflakes, to become the snowflake.

                                                                  This amuses the wildlife.

I had all these plans of listing art on eBay and etsy but just got bogged down with life and ended up not putting much in the shop, if at all. Let me tell you, this has not stopped me from making LOTS and LOTS of goodies. lol In fact, I have so many things I'm thinking of just waiting till after Christmas and having a sale to move some of these sweet things...lots of angels and original artwork. I've got to submit some work to some publishers and see what happens. I've been looking for an agent as well. Anyway,all good stuff.

My SD card on my camera is full and I have to get another one or two. Plus, when I upgraded some stuff on my tablet, it changed some things and it's hard to share on instagram. annoying. Gotta figure that out too.

I think I'm getting an ear infection. I hope not, but I feel something in my throat and ear tubes. Not pleasant and I have a headache. That or I'm allergic our Christmas tree. :(

I'm debating what to get into...crock pot casserole, make something, take a nap, do more laundry, eat something, do some art, do more exercises, or watch some TV. I've only got 1.5 hrs before the kid rush is back. Maybe pull out the crock pot and throw some stuff in there, laundry and then nap? If I feel up to it, some painting.

All these snow storms are giving me head and body aches. Geesh.

I really wish I had a new SD card right now to take some photos...and energy to get my art stuff organized. Argh, I just realized the kids need some teacher gifts as well. Maybe some of my art? we shall see.

Otherwise, all is well and that is the best we can ask for.

love, emily


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