Great time traveling in our camper

I'm feeling rather sleepy at the, short post. Had a great Thanksgiving at my friends house. Haven't seen her in a few years, much too long. I was so thankful for a safe journey to and from. And very thankful to have her welcome us to her home. We really enjoyed ourselves and the snow storm actually landed before we got there so it was a lot of fun with sledding and lots of playing. She has 4 sweet kids and they all got along with our rug rats. :) All in all, I hope we can do this yearly.

Now, to think about taking the camper to California. lol Boy, that will be the challenge. Hopefully, when we go it won't be 19 degrees or colder! It was cold in Ohio with snow and ice. But on the 3rd day, it warmed up to the 30's and we were comfortable at last. My friend, Caroline, has a great heating system with a wood stove and wooden gate to hang wet snow gear. It dries really fast and kept things very comfortable. I'm totally jealous of their system and wood pile! :) That and they have a huge kitchen. Sigh~~~

But as with all traveling, it was great to come home and see my critters. We brought our dog, Penny and she was a good little girl (for the most part). She enjoyed trotting around with us. The kids had a lot of fun and I think we burned off all the sitting around calories walking to a local park in the snow and so on. I stepped into an ice puddle but didn't feel the cold till we were home, thankfully. The kids went sledding, I caught up with Caroline and enjoyed baby time with her 4th. Can't complain about that!! :)

Jon was a real sweetheart getting us there and back. Really, I'm so happy that he knows how important family is. This whole trip has made the oncoming winter seem so much more bearable. I guess being with loved ones does that.

It was also good to have an extra day to "recover" from traveling. It wasn't that bad, really...of course, Jon was driving. But the kids were fine and seemed ready to go to school. The tradition in PA is to have the first Monday after Thanksgiving the day of hunting. I'm not for hunting. I try to be open minded but feel like, if the herds of animals need to be maintained, then it should be done by conservation officers. I know that in the 1800's most of Pennsylvania's deer population had nearly gone extinct. Nearly all the deer we have are transplants from Michigan. It just shows you have crazy some people are and that there really needs to be control over this. It makes me feel more sick about it all after seeing quite a few beautiful deer as we drove home yesterday. It made me sad to think they would be attached to someone's truck or thrown in the back of their trailer. :(


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