Starting to feel better

Caught another cold from my kids. Thought it was related to my allergies but it turned out to be a full cold. Of course, I'm writing this as I'm on cold meds and this is probably why I feel better. My ear hurts and is ringing...not a good sign. 

The past few weeks have been stressful for many reasons. One has to do with some family arguments and basically, them calling names and acting irresponsibly. Then, on top of all of that, they demand I apologize for my feelings. You have to wonder about people who are so controlling they can't even allow for a difference of opinion...and behave poorly when someone voices a single opposite point of view. 

It really doesn't matter because I know how I feel and think and, for me, that IS what matters. Even if I made the first attempt of an olive branch, I'd know what's in my heart and I definitely know what's not in theirs.

In other events, it's been very stressful as my eldest fell at a park we love to go to. She broke her ankle on the growth plate. It's healing very well and she wants to stop wearing her air cast but too bad. Gotta wait the 3 weeks. It's a slight fracture but still a fracture.

Had to share a sweet video of my son's school . He's wearing red and white...think of Waldo from Where's Waldo. :) Lots of good things mixed with the stressful stuff. I guess that's life for you.  

I'm trying to open some of my photos but my camera disk is being stubborn (or most likely, I cant' remember how to). Hoping to share some cutie pics of the kids. 


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