Snowy inside day

Well, I'm officially ready for the kids to go back to school...and it's just the beginning of the holiday week. It was really snowy/wet and we did finally go outside and play. I'm glad we did some inside quality stuff but not enough chores. Oh, well. At least we're mostly ready for the holiday. Tomorrow will be baking day...just a few things in the evening for Thanksgiving day.

I'm anxious for several reasons...mostly, will I have enough time for everything. The kids are acting goofy, playing hide and seek and bouncing off the walls. These are the days I wish I had a den like my parents house. What a relief it must have been to have the teens down in the den playing video games and chatting away.

Maybe I should have the TV in the basement and let them crash down there. It would make more sense and free up space here/keep things tidy. I don't know. I'm one of those parents that firmly believes that the internet needs to be in an open space and cannot be hidden away. It's too easy for things to go badly if not controlled. The TV is bad enough but can be very dangerous for immature people.

I hardly did any shoveling but feel tired. Maye it's just having the kids home and doing a mess of cleaning and so on. I feel badly I missed a meeting and hand to reschedule. Yesterday, I was in a lot of pain...the storm system really plays havoc on my hands and wrists. I ended up laying down and trying to relax but the pain was intense. I felt a lot better today but had to catch up on yesterday. So annoying.

Tomorrow's weather should be interesting. It's calling for freezing rain and hopefully, just rain. It's sad to see the snow go. I just wish it wasn't only 21 degrees the next couple of days. Apparently, this is the coldest it's been in 40 years. of course.

I am slowly warming up to making more art and getting it out there. My biggest issue is where to sell it. There seems to be a lot less art/craft places and I get overwhelmed with putting things on-line. I'd love to have my own little shop but until then, I have to keep looking for venues.


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