puttering around

I've been organizing my home and art space. It's actually been liberating to have some time to do things. A few wks back I was really upset and emotional about my kids going to a new school. I was sick with a cold so, I think it made me feel worse then I really should have. My feelings were if I had some help as I thought I was going to get, nothing had to change. Well, that bottomed out and we did the switch.

With our school district things were really confused and up in the air. As you might have known we did some homeschooling a few years ago. We did this for several reasons and one was our neighborhood school was really beat up. Well, it performed so poorly, they allowed our neighborhood kids to go to a different school. We choose one that looked nice and all. We went there for four years. The 1st year we had bus transport. The 2nd yr, they stopped it and said the parents were responsible if they wanted to continue going to the school. So, I drove them every day. Not a problem...except winter. That was horrible. Well, this year they shut the neighborhood school down and we had another option to go to the school I originally tried to sign my kids up to, Juniata Gap. So, now we have bus transport, going to a huge elementary (with really nice playground equipment, beautiful building, etc) and are getting used to it all. Also, with having my youngest in pre-k, I was stressed out about traveling, etc. As it turned out, he gets to ride a bus too and I can walk to pick up the kids or drive. Either way, much less stress and solidifies things in our area. So, I'm pleased now that everything is calming down.

Anyway, the drama of family life. Not much drama, but for some reason it is when you're a family it does feel like huge drama. The best thing is the kids are keeping contacts with their friends from their other school, making new pals and are getting used to everything. <3 p="">
I was really anxious that they'd fall between the cracks, get bullied or some other worry of mine. But nope. They are doing really well. They told me, hey, if we aren't moving (home wise), all is well. So, that made me feel a lot better.

With the extra time not driving, I can get more chores done, some art up on eBay and make new things. I can't believe how much more I've got done. The other huge difference is me feeling better physically. I've been wearing compression socks for the past few weeks as well and my energy has soared. Just a good, good thing. Also, giving my self time to put my feet up for 20 min, it takes away my feeling of wanting to nap. It's oddly given me time to think of new things to make and I just am happy about that little perk.

So lots of good things happening. Surely, they are basic things but I'm feeling happy about these blessings because honestly, your health is what dictates so much of how you respond to others and your self.

There are 5 things I've learned from this past year is to take time to heal, relax, visit your doctor and specialist, let your self grow/mourn/cry and remember to remember all the good in the world/your self. It will all come back, slowly, but it will come back.


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