feeling tired, confused and upset

So, this last week we had all sorts of things going on. A new school change for the kids as commitments previously expected were changed last minute. Finishing colds and slowly easing into feeling stable. Doctors appointment for the eldest and finding out she has scoliosis...and will need to get therapy. I feel like our life has turned into a soap opera, unwittingly. I've also found out that some family is fickle and, at least mine, is being strangely apathetic and cold. It's gotten to the point where you just don't want to hang out with them because you get the oddest feeling they are talking about you behind your back instead of talking to you.

The good is the youngest Gottshall is doing so much better in school, no hives and just all around easier to communicate with. I'm very pleased with that.

The middle child is feeling better, I'm stepping back a little from arguments by defusing them (and offering rewards for working with me, instead...boy, that works wonders!), and hugging her when she least expects it. It's all good.

I'm pleased with my eldest even though I'm so worried about the scoliosis and started to think if she was just a bit more naughty or if our kids acted poorly maybe they'd have been health. I know that's silly but it crossed my mind and I told my husband and he thought the same thing too. I have to brag about how my eldest did on her reading test...out of a 1000 she scored 999. :) A school record, apparently. And she was so nonchalant about it...not prideful or show-offy. Makes me think of my hubby.

It just breaks your heart to think your child is in pain and I hope she will only need to wear a brace/pain pills to take care of this situation. She had a fall 6 months or so ago, causing her hip to pop out. It went back in but, was so scary. A few days ago, she was sitting and twisted down to pick up our cat and hurt so much she couldn't get off the futon. She slept there all night. Stuff like that is very upsetting. And now, I know why. I'm just very, very thankful for getting her physical and catching this. The good news is her blood work is perfectly fine and we just need to get this under control. I still feel in shook about this all.

Of course, I'm worried my middle gal will have something as well as the youngest. It does run in our family...my sister has this too. I'm praying everything goes smoothly now and I can spoil my little stinkers. I already owe my eldest two huge packs of Pokemon cards for getting blood work. <3 ante="" boy="" brave="" but="" confronted="" even="" ever="" fainted.="" fear...i="" fear.="" gotta="" have="" her="" i="" impressed.="" love="" once="" p="" she="" that="" the="" totally="" truly="" upped="" was="" with="" would="">


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