feeling sick is not fun

the kids are all down, Jon is down and everyone is sneezing and wheezing. I will go to bed in about 10 min or less. I really shouldn't type as I noticed a lot of spelling mistakes in previous posts when I glanced at them...shudder. I hope you will forgive me and I make some sense. Not that I'm the greatest grammarian type of person (certainly not!). Well, I don't have much energy to write, so you are off the hook. This week has been crazy stinky and I'm glad it's nearly over...just have to make it through tomorrow. The best thing of all is the youngest of my clan is doing better (no hives!) and is taking to his school van well. I thought I'd have more time for things with the kids but schedules are topsy turvy and I will have to make some major changes. All is well. Things will work out and resume to normalcy soon (I hope). Have a happy Friday Eve!

last months full moon



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