A series of lost and found

The short story is we found the missing tray for the toaster oven in the play doh box. Jon is currently baking the cream cheese pies for his dad's birthday tomorrow. Our oven broke after I "cleaned" it to death, apparently. Hence, the toaster oven. The good thing is we found several lost items...the spatula that was missing over a year, 4 wooden spoons, a plate, a metal bread pan and some other stuff. All was found when we moved the metal shelf in the kitchen.

I found out I can slid in my new slippers...down 4 steps and caught my self by sticking my elbow in the handrail. Not pleasant and is still hurting.

It was a crazy day. I just felt really stressed out for some reason...mostly about the kid care and so on. Just feeling tired and scared and frazzled. I'm sure things will be all right, we shall see.

I calmed down enough to sort of enjoy the day and did some plant trimming and a bit of yard work. I did some watercolor painting as well and this really helped me relax. I've been organizing my supplies and it is stressful because I've been making a lot but haven't had any place to really sell...or have tried to sell on-line, really. I guess I'm feeling mostly better from my foot ordeal but depressed because time has slipped through my fingers. And that is depressing because I wish I had more time. I guess everyone feels that way. Plus, I wanted to do a lot of things and am just making my self anxious.

I've been watching "Parenthood" on Netflix. And I am very glad none of my family is as crazy as that family is. The main reason I keep watching it is because they make stupid mistakes (which I love) and the background set design. I love the paint colors and some of the combinations for things. I keep thinking how the heck do they have all this stuff and never go shopping...or very rarely and usually to a tiny, little market that nobody would go to except on a road trip. I think it's hilarious the characters think so highly of themselves and never feel like they are a bunch of asses....which most of them are. lol Sorry, but they drive me crazy at how every little thing is blown out of proportion and nobody ever looses their cool especially with a bunch of snotty, entitled kids. They all seem like hellish cartoon characters and I'm grateful for that.

The other shows I've watched are "Break Bad" and "Weeds". Both of which, deal with dealers and the same sense of entitlement. I can only stomach them for an episode or two because, my goodness, I'll start swearing of the street. I can not think of 1 reason why I should keep watching these shows except to shake my head at the antics of well to do people and the messed up lives they lead. Even in "Breaking Bad", the main guys attitude is "I've got my pride damn it, I will not work for a regular wage but sell illegal harmful substances". It really makes you think, what the hell are people thinking? Supposedly, he's doing this for his wife, kid and future child. However, the risk is so high, what the heck?? Anyway, I'm not through catching up on all the episodes. I really, really wish they'd put "The Middle" on Netflix or "Community". I might have to buy them for Christmas.

Oh, did I mention we gave up cable and just have Netflix and Amazon Prime. It's working out well, no commercials and over abundance of media. I'd say, I feel less stressed and the kids seem good with the choices they have. Basically, we see a lot of Curious George, Moomins on youtube and Sonic episodes.

I had this great plan of watching a movie tonight but as our oven is out of commission, we had to pull out the toaster oven and use that. It's 1 am and I'm still up, typing.

Jon was really sweet and got me Greek food for lunch. They make some really great things at the Athenian Cafe in town. But I still miss the Lebanese food in Alhambra. It's interesting to see how places make food with the same name in their own variation. I love that.

Well, I'm starting to feel the pain of falling down the steps and it's getting harder to type. I hope I feel okay tomorrow and not too miserable. Have a good weekend!


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