Whirwind camping out

Well, if you didn't know, we got a travel trailer a few weeks ago. It's small and comfy. Yet, even in it's "smallness" it feels huge. It's not easy hitching it, driving, etc. But it's fun and we're working on making it ours. We tested it out at a local lake, Glendale in Prince Gallitzan State Park. It's absolutely beautiful there.

We had no idea what to expect having never stayed over night or having been there in 12 or 13 yrs. So, when we arrived it was rather late and before we knew it the little shop was closed and it was so dark. The crickets and bugs were deafening. This is not an exaggeration. We could barely hear ourselves talking! So loud and my kids are not quiet! I was starting to regret the whole thing till I looked up and saw the stars...amazing to see so many, so clear and gorgeous. Made me feel so uplifted and really want to rejoice at the beauty of this world, beyond all of our small minds and petty problems. We need to remember that there is so much more than we can fathom~It gave me a sense of awe and wonderment that we are here to enjoy this world, protect and are blessed because of it.

Then, I went and tried to sleep in the camper...which was hot and cramped because the youngest Gottshall wanted to curl up next to me as did our puggle, Penny. Finally, about midnight, Jon picked him up and plopped him in his own bunk but I just feel hot and tired still.

I awoke first and took Penny out and then, we found out we were in walking distance to everything...bathrooms, shop, lake. I love our little spot even without electricity and honestly, it was a joy to see that sky. Everyone was friendly and we had a good time playing, walking, splashing in the water and I even found time to paint. I got to see minnows swim right by my feet and people heading out on canoes. I think I'd like to try that too~

All in all, a great day...exhausting and fun. I found out I had forgotten a lot of things even though, I brought a lot too...no spatula for pancakes or even a oven mitt. I even forgot soap. Anyway, it was definitely a learning experience and I totally want to go back.  Now, if it was 10 degrees cooler, I'd love it even more!

on the trail

100_6427 100_6405 100_6392 Before we left


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