nearly midnight...

I was messing around on tumblr and trying to look up some old friends of mine. Actually, just two but none could be found on the wide web. I've written to 1 of my friends, twice now and pick up/reply. I just feel sort of lost about it all. :(

Another was an old family friend...trying to see how they're fairing and tell them about my dad's passing. Nothing to find them with. I know people are shy but wow...this is just reclusive to me. I just feel sad that I'm not able to connect with some of these folks but I guess there is a reason. I just hope they are well and healthy.

I'm reading Farenheit 451. it is giving me a strange anxious feeling and I'm not sure I like that feeling. It's negative and pretty bitter about the future and I see where it's coming from. Still, come burning firemen? Just seems a bit too out there...esp. with the rise of books being sold via kindle, etc. lol

Anyway, I'm going to need some new reading material. We shall see what I find or get recommended.

I am feeling tired; it is late nearing midnight. I keep thinking about things I want to do, accomplish but feel so tired right now. I have to finish up some art for a mini show at a local hotel. :) Wish me luck in the selling department. Now, that I'm feeling better I think I will see about doing some more local things. Thank goodness I'm getting more active. :)


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