Feeling a lot better and moving around more...

I think I sort of forgot about my blog here for a bit. A few months back I stepped on a nail and got a bacterial infection and finally got all cleared up/healed. It took a while as it was on a really annoying spot on my foot (right at the base of my toes/bones). Thankfully, I'm much better and am starting to feel normal. I also found out I have venous insufficiency which has been probably going on for 3 yrs as I noticed it first when I had a bad sprain exactly 3 yrs ago. I know this because when I had my foot x-rayed the tech was like, do you know where you were 3 yrs ago today? And I was like, what? I was here? Yup. I still can't believe I have really bad luck in August regarding my feet. I bet it has to do with the summer weather, etc.

Anyway, I'm wearing compression socks and raising my feet and this helps tremendously. I still can't believe how weak I was getting and lacking energy. The socks help so much and I found out there are quite a few colors at amazon and good prices as well. :)

So, that is pretty much why I have been missing on here. I just feel really pathetic for not going to the foot doctors sooner and it taking me stepping on a nail to realize to get healed. It was a blessing in disguise because I really thought I just had a foot allergy (my foot had brownish "dry" looking skin...turns out to be iron floating to the top of my foot!)So, it was caught very soon and not at a bad stage. Thank goodness for my doctor!!!

Now, that I have more energy and not feeling like a slug, I'm slowly easing into getting my self back into shape. I was trying to do this before I realized I was ill and would get exhausted just from some simple Pilate's moves. Now, I think I can handle it much better. Thank goodness!

I really thought I was depressed or had something else wrong with me...diabetes or thyroid. So, I'm glad I got that resolved/managed.

I feel badly that it's taken most of the summer away and me feeling so tired for the kids. But I think we survived and will make up a lot on the weekends, etc.

What I learned is to go to your doctors and especially your specialists and listen to them. 99% of the time, they know what they are talking about and are right. :)

In other news, I'm busy working on different projects and finishing up a lot that I didn't have the energy to do because of all of this. I just have to say thank God for doctors...angels on Earth. ;)


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