Wood working = wood dust and Kitty thoughts on kickstarter

Apparently, I'm mega sensitive to wood dust (besides incoming storms). My sinus were really in pain the other day and I think it was a storm/wood dust combo. I really need to wear a mask doing this...it just seemed overkill since I wasn't sanding. But I guess, the fine dust is there and I just can't see it but my nose does. :P

Today is the first day of summer school for my youngest. He didn't want to go and was crying before we left but I gave him some quality mommy time and he was fine when we got to school/drop off. yeah! :) So, I think he is doing well (I hope...we shall see).

Anyway, I've been feeling better than I have in some time with knee issues. This makes life much more manageable and not so, "Oh, woo is me" feeling. Got some chores done, the kids seem upbeat and relaxed and all is well.
Only waiting on the mail...and a package of Timothy Hay...still. I have a feeling it's going to arrive today but I'm anxious for the critters. They need to have that hay to be regular. Miss Suki, our guinea pig, has good a pretty good constitution. Gingerbread, the rabbit, not so much. If she gets too much wet food, she has the wet poo. And let me tell you now, it does not smell good. yuck! Plus, it's like tar to clean. So, I'm really, really anxious to get that box of goodies.

I'm looking into vets to do an ultra sound on my kitty, Kiwi. She has a kidney stone and I feel this may be better then an operation. Plus, $900 is really steep. Maybe I'll start a kickstarter program to raise the money for this. I could offer prints of my art as incentive. What do you think?


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