smurf bottoms

No, I didn't pick him up. No, I don't have a pet skunk (although...)

So, within a matter of 15 minutes chaos ensued. The littlest Gottshall let the newest cat out...before the rain. I ran outside, nothing. Assuming the youngest Gottshall was confused, hunted through the house and fed the cats double cans of cat food. No Finn.

So, outside with empty cat food containers, I called and shook the cans. No Finn. Just as I was about to give up, on the fence, I see the black ball shape of some creature. I don't recognize it, but it's Finn about to leap into the alley. I'm like, oh, great.

I scoot over to the fence and see what I think is a squirrel. Oh, a poor injured squirrel under a white piece of paper...hobbling in the alley. As I got closer, and as Finn got closer, I, this was not a squirrel. It was a baby skunk! I was like, cute...oh, no! A mixture of both these feelings over came me.

I hurriedly ran outside, Penny our dog following and scooped up Finn. Down the street, an off road vehicle approached and I was like, little skunk go the other way, Penny come on with me! All of us scooted to safety as the ORV drove past and the rain drops began to fall. I think I restrained my knee running around and up and down steps in the flurry but no one was lost or flattened out. All is good.

I did go back and try to snap a photo but he was gone. And honestly, I did not want to get sprayed incase there was a mama skunk around. ;)


vivian said…
baby skunks are really cute.. I had a friend that had a pet skunk that she got descented when it was a baby. glad everyone survived the little ordeal! I LOVE your blog banner btw!
Thanks, Vivian! :) Your friend is really lucky. I would totally love to have a pet skunk as they are very sweet and gentle. Thank you for commenting. :)

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