rainy warm days

fireflies (not my photo)
Let me just say, last night was amazing with fireflies. They even came up onto the porch...so beautiful!

I was feeling sort of blah and still feel a bit that way today...I think it's the storms we keep getting. Makes all of us extra sleepy and sluggish. Jon gave me a vitamin (Flintstones) and I started to feel a bit better. I had forgotten to take my vitamins for 2-3 weeks. I took my daily one and hopefully, I'll feel less sluggish.

I did some chores and it felt like a workout...really warm! My middle kid is still sleeping in and we are missing out on a library event. That kid can be really stubborn about sleep. I think it's the karate class that tuckered her out.

I had this list of things I was going to do...wrote out early this am. Then, I went back to bed and felt tired. lol Oh, well.

Finally found some of my art supplies. I need to clean out my studio, again. It's been fun but it's a pain when things are too messy. Maybe I will sell things at my yard sale, if it's not rainy! Can you tell I'm tired of this rain?

For the past few months, I've been very frustrated about cooking/baking. No one seems to like what I made. I just felt like, why bother? Either I would end up eating most of it or else it would go to waste. Slowly, I've been venturing back into the kitchen. I did a cake from scratch and had the kids helped. They all enjoyed eating that. We made zucchini slices with some cheese and bread crumbs...not bad but I thought a bit too salty (I used stuffing for the bread crumbs).

The kids (mainly the older two) have been very moody and all over. I realized giving them choices helps this and need to remember to do this. Otherwise, it's blow up time. I feel sorry for the youngest Gottshall as he gets most of the impatience and I have to constantly remind them to be nice and calm down.

I figured if we cleaned up the 3rd floor and put an A/C in there it would be a nice retreat and would be a place we can crash and not worry about every bit of mess. The living room looks a bit tattered, lets just say.

Anyway, things to do and I've got to do them. At least my knee is feeling better and I'm less depressed. I've got a bit of Spring fever at last...even if it's a bit late. What do you expect? It was a very slow start to Spring too. ;)

Have a good day!
my poor water logged garden


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