Rainy day, home repairs and Spirited Away~

well, we decided to redo our bathroom floor. As it turned out, the floor boards under the tank had been repaired with putty and once Jon removed that old stuff, the wood was actually shredded. But we patched it up, rather Jon got it patched and everything is back in place and secure. Now, to just put in the flooring. Wow, what a lot of work. I will take more pics...though, honestly, I think most people wouldn't want to see that sort of thing. Unless a plumber.

Anyway, we were planning to have a birthday party for my second eldest this weekend but our party goodies didn't arrive. :( So, I rescheduled for a double party next week. We should be in for some good weather, oddly, enough. So, I'm pleased, even though I had to postpone things.

I finished up an art quilt I did of my cat, Kiwi. Though, I may add some stitching for interest in the back. It is entirely hand stitched so, it took some time to get completed. I'm excited about making prints out and seeing how that goes.

Today, the kids and I did some basement cleaning, playing and chatting. The girls did some sets art strengthening using the punching bag and youngest Gottshall did sand play. All were happy. It's great when we can get along and have fun. Plus, I made a dent in my studio and am very happy about that. It was good bonding and just being with the kids.

scenes from Spirited Away
We let Harry watch Spirited Away. He didn't like it when the parents turned into pigs and started to cry. Poor little guy. I told him they turn back into people and are rescued by their daughter. He felt better and we fast forwarded to more of the action. He was much happier when I explained parts to him. So sensitive and sweet. I really feel the kids are growing and becoming more aware. Amazing to see them blossom.


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