pulled out my wood working supplies, finally

Today I started to wood carve. It's been some time. Basically, I was down and didn't feel like doing too much. Plus, I had my supplies all over the place and couldn't find my cutting board, etc. Now, I found it. I started working on carving the wood for my dads cremation container. It's out of birch wood and very strong, hard wood. It's difficult to work with for several reasons but I am making progress. I have one panel nearly ready to be sanded and have 4 more to go. I need to get 2 more pieces for the top bottom and then I can attach the pieces together. I'm worried it will be quite heavy (will mail it to my mom). We shall see.

It is really good to hammer away at the wood and get things moving. I've also been watching tutorials on wood carving and have been picking up tips on youtube and various places and books. If you ever have tips to share, please do as I am always willing to learn some thing new.

Today and yesterday was so hot. I think today was even warmer. We trotted over to Target and stayed for an unusually long time to keep cool. When we left, I got dizzy and needed to sit. I think I was hungry for lunch as well as the heat. I mean it was really hot to me. I don't know how the kids and Jon could play outside earlier. I must be intolerant of the heat. I did forget to take my allergy meds, so maybe this played part of it. I am drinking more water, definitely. Just checked and the humidity is very high, so that makes sense.

Jon spoiled me today by getting art supplies. It was nice to get a crow quill pen and ink. I've been wanting to try this for some time. I usually use a micron pen or fine point sharpie for my art. I was watching a video (several, actually) on pens and a crow quill acts like a paint brush but fine tip. Exciting!


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