Basically, I dreamt I was at a shop and decided to put a skirt on in a back room that I had brought with me. I put it on and an undercover security guard jumped in and looked threateningly at me. It was scary because I had my son with me and was trying to go to another room to shop. As the nightmare went on, I started to shop and all the cashiers gave me the evil eye and treated me poorly...because I was wearing a skirt and they suspected I was a thief. It was very frightening and unsettling. Once I made it to the register (the store was in two sections...domestic ware and hardware tools), Jon was getting ready to buy some tools. I added my items and then, Jon didn't have enough. I pulled out my money from my skirt pocket and could "prove" it was my skirt and not store property. It was so bizarre and I guess had to do with all the sad news lately...about an innocent kid being killed because he "looked suspicious". I feel sick to my stomach about the whole thing.

It brought up the other vigilante story of school cops attacking a woman buying water because they thought it was beer. 7 cops attacking a woman...nightmarish to say the least. I hope she sues the school for the mistreatment.

Basically, it comes down to lack of communication and fear. I'm tired of people being so afraid and hurting people in the process.


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