Feeling sad

My dad-in-laws cousin,Marcia Brunner, passed away from breast cancer today. I feel sad but glad she didn't suffer too long.

It brought up feelings of our own passing and made me think of my dad's passing. Bittersweet day as this is also my middle child's 10th birthday.

I can't believe how fast she left us. She didn't want to do any treatment and was in denial about her condition till someone noticed the lump. She believed if God wanted her, he would take her. My dad was much the same way. I just can't wrap my mind around her being her and now, she's gone...less than 6 months.

Thankfully, they had hospice and got lots of aid/treatment and help. The funeral is on Thursday.

I feel a bit weak from thinking about all of this. I really, really hate cancer.


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