Feeling exhausted~

I guess the warm weather is telling me to just find a place to take a nap...but it's on 10am!Geesh! I've been doing inside chores and trying to get things cleaned up a bit. It's not easy when the kids just want to play and do nothing as well, which I guess is normal.

July 4th went well. The above photo is an old one of Harry. I touched it up and it looks more vibrant and sweet (I think!). ;) We had fireworks, fireflies, and just hanging out. We're having a Sunday party at the yearly Wilkins July 4th party. Should be lots of food, fun and relaxing. :)

I'm finding if I do most requests in a choice form, it works really well. The hardest part is not responding to crazy outbursts by the kids. Basically, they are tantrums...even when they are older. And the good thing is, once you accept they are tantrums and allow them to express it (without you getting involved, getting emotionally drawn in and they do it in a safe way), you can allow your self to freak out too. I find this especially relaxing if I'm feeling overwhelmed and annoyed. I basically say, everyone please leave the room, I'm going to have a tantrum. I thrash my arms in the air and make faces and shout....to no one at all. And I feel better and no one gets hurt. :)
I guess that is something I needed to do for my self.

Any who, I've been having the most annoying dreams. All about Timothy Hay. I ordered a big box of it for the rabbit and guinea pig and have been waiting for a few days. I guess it's delayed because of July 4th. I dreamt that it broke open in transit and spilled everywhere and had to be returned to the shop. I guess I'm anxious about it because we are down to no hay and I really want them to have this nice stuff from Small pet select. Funny how things work into your subconscious. I know it's really nice hay as I got a free sample a few months ago and the critters loved it.

I need to drink some water...feeling a bit dehydrated. Jon is at the Farmer's Market in downtown. I feel sort of like, it's so hot, how can you do it? I should trot over and see/take pics. But I feel sort of blah.

I did some art and now all the kids want crow quill sets too. So funny how they like the things I do. I will take some snaps of the things I did. I also did a video of fireflies but for some reason it came out sideways. When I video edited it, it was the correct way but when I downloaded it to share, sideways. Strange. I'll try it again.

Well, lots to do...first water. Have a good Saturday!


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