Feeling a bit better and painfree

I believe I had a migraine attack from allergies, again. This was the first in a long while (something like 2 or 3 months). I guess I needed to do some cleansing with my nasal flusher but just didn't. I also think that automatic air freshener is partially to blame. I disabled it as it kept going off every time someone walked by. Annoying.

Anyway, we also did a lot of yard chores and that kicked up pollen, then w had a lot of rain and that brings out molds and stuck inside all the time. Not a good combo.

The great thing is I see a patch of sunshine right at this moment. I hope it keeps up and we have some sun like yesterday.

We were supposed to have summer school for Harrison this week but he just hasn't been up to it. I think he caught on that he is only going to school and not his sisters. He's glad to stay home. For some reason, he told me he doesn't like his teacher. She probably insists he do what the other kids are doing and being my kid, of course, wants to do his own thing. Oh, well...we'll keep encouraging rug time (tends to want to be away when the kids sit for reading time). sigh...Oh, the drama of 4 year old life.

Otherwise, everyone is fine. A few scrapes...tripping over the fire pit (by Norrie and really bruising up her leg terribly) and a scrap of Harry on the computer table (there is this metal bit that is exposed for the runners and he walked into it. poor guy).

Our cat, Kiwi, is doing great. She's feeling a lot better and the blood/urine is fading away. I'm so, so pleased with everything at the Wellness Center of Central PA Humane Society. I still have my campaign to raise money for the operation but it was only 1/3 of that. Haven't checked what, if anything, was raised but if I get anything, most if not all is going to go to the Humane Society. :)

I'm still working on a quilt to finish up and make a print for the campaign. I seem really good at distracting my self and that is why I'm taking longer. Of course, the headache really slowed me down but I should be better now...knock on wood. I should just take a photo to share...sometimes, I get so shy about my work. I don't know why this happens, it just does.

Now, if I can just keep feeling better, have energy and get some things done, we might have someone's birthday party this weekend. :)


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