books a plenty

went to hear some live music at the Baker Mansion free concert Sunday
We are very rich in books at our house. I've read a few of them and Jon has read quite a few. It just seems like we are swamped in books. I started to move them to the 3rd floor...any history, science, political or historical art book. It just seems a bit much. And they are so heavy. Thankfully, I have two older kids to run up and down and stack them on the steps. I will organize as I get up there. I'd rather start to weed through them. How many books does one really need? Same thing for magazines. I have quite a few and have decided to thin them out...mostly fashion type ones. Plus, it's fun to make things out of the paper...collage, rolled paper, etc.

I feel really tired as we rearranged the living room. I might redo it again. I'm a bit unsure how I feel about the set up right now...the flow. We shall see.

It's been an emotional day. Dad's birthday. It's sad to have your parent leave you and now I know what my parents must have life is fragile and is an echo of what you will face one day. Not to sound all sappy, but it is the body and it will, regardless of what we put into or take out of it, will grow older. I am grateful for the years we have now and what I had with my dad. Living till he was 77 was a big accomplishment and he was very lucky. I feel lucky to have had him as my dad, even if everything wasn't perfect...but what is perfect, anyway? :)

Today has been very hot but sort of good too. I actually liked the heat and humidity for the first time. I'll probably get tired of it. But it was nice, like walking around with a sweater (wearing short sleeves helps and reading a book where fall is just starting, makes you appreciate the warmth).

Plus, I got to talk to my mom and that always helps. I need to think of cooking some low heat meals. I just don't want to heat up the house but I want to make some things too.
ice cream at Baker Mansion

I've decided to try some gluten free things and I hope to really make some cookies. But I'll have to find a flour substitute.

My new goal is trying to get Kiwi an operation for her kidney stone. Kiwi is my 12 year old cat and I hope the stone passes/breaks up before then. If that does occur, I'll be donating the money to the local Humane society, should I raise any. I still need to make the art for the print, etc...been working on drafts to make a sweet print. We shall see how it goes.

I feel really tired...maybe a quick 20 min break to refresh and get started on the rest of the day. I feel like I had 3 workouts with kids/cleaning and so on. geesh!

looking off the bridge at Lower Trail from our Sunday hike


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