a flash of lightening and rain, again~

Yesterday, the sun came out and warmed us till we thought we would burst. I actually, momentarily, thought longingly of winter and autumn. I tried to sweep away these thoughts but it was difficult to do as the air seemed to be weighted down with heat. Fortunately, I used it to dry some laundry. Today, today we are back to a summer storm.

All promises have been stalled as my head is pounding as I write...a sinus headache, I guess. I wondered if it was caffeine deprivation ( we ran out of coffee yesterday) but I do not know. Maybe a combination of things and the heat. It is cooling now that it's raining but the barometric pressure is high and I can feel it regardless. I just don't like having this migraine like feeling as it makes me feel nauseous and I wanted to go the 4th of July party and have fun, see old friends and nibble different handmade foods. Instead, I'm nursing this stinking headache and can barely open my eyes. :(

I sent Jon off with the kids. I even got them some really cute outfits for the 4th celebration. Lydia has a navy blue star dress/shirt and Norrie has as red and white dress/shirt to wear. Harrison did have a cute outfit yesterday (I knew I should have saved it for today...was planning to wash it before the party but forgot with this headache). It was a blue shirt with red and white shorts. Oh, well. He's wearing an angry pig shirt which Jon somehow got him to agree to wear...he usually hates that shirt.

I feel so annoyed as I had a new outfit for me too. Oh, well. I hope Jon remembers to bring something for me to try at home, at least. I just hate feeling so yucky.

I don't think they'd stay too long as it's starting to rain again and the ground will be pretty muddy to run about on. Too bad we didn't have it yesterday. Of course, we probably would have all melted.

I feel annoyed that I feel to lousy to even do art or read. All I feel most able to do is this typing and napping.

Well, I better sign off. Maybe if I lay down for a bit, I'll feel better. Hope everyone has a good day and feels fine.

Oh, I should mention, I'm watching Lark Rise to Candleford. It is an excellent series that ran for 4 seasons. I wish they'd make more. Plus, I wish there was a recipe book of all the yummy things they make. One thing I need to find is a recipe for Lemon Gingerbread. Doesn't that just sound wonderful?


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