Trying to upload photos...

I'm trying to upload some photos but can't seem to master this. I've restarted the computer 3 times and still, nothing. started to feel frustrated and am blogging about that. Basically, I feel like shouting and throwing the computer out the window...well, not really. Just annoyed.

We did some family gardening...we needed to get it done, finally. The sun is out shining, at last, and we did lots of plant removal. We even had a picnic outside! :) All in all, a good afternoon. Sometimes, I think it's best to just stay home and enjoy what you have.

The kids are off with Jon dumping the brush at the compost facility and getting some supplies at the hardware. I feel like taking a nap. I transplanted a rose bush that wasn't getting enough sun (and stomped on by the kids) and pulled lots of plants growing all crazy like. Jon moved (and halved) the old rabbit hutch in the yard. It was getting covered with wisteria and I think the water that ran off the roof was hitting the porch and ruined the paint/wood. So, we needed to move that thing. It weighed a ton and that is why I had Jon cut it in half. It looks a lot better and we'll use the wire to cover the raised beds. Can you believe that animals are getting into the raised beds?! I still can't but they are. We had had at least 4 strawberries ready to pick but when we went back, gone all. I'm pretty sure it was a bird...or that cute squirrel but still! Annoying!

It is really nice to work in the yard and hopefully, we'll dry out for a few days. I was getting sick of the rain and I LOVE rain. Especially, when it is a warm rain but it was too much. We were sprouting mushrooms!

Next weekend, we're going to do the Farmer's Market. I like it and it's a bit of work but fun too. I hope we can manage to do this 2-4 times a month. We shall see. I feel like taking a nap thinking about it. I guess I'm a bit tired.

My knee is feeling better after spraining it. So, this is excellent news. I still need to be careful and I'm still stiff/sore but not as in extreme pain.

I can't believe it's Father's day. Bittersweet~

Since I can't upload my photos, here's a cute one from My Neighbor Totoro.


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