It's raining, it's pouring

It's really, really wet out and hopefully, most people/animals/plants will be safe. Took the kids out for a walk, searching for puddles...we were not disappointed. Their boots were filled with water by the time we got home. hahaha It was actually nice because we were getting on each others nerves and getting some walking and enjoying the weather was fun. By the time we arrived I was soaked and had given up any pretense of staying dry. Yes, I splashed in the puddles too...though, it was more like stamp up hill in torrents of water.

I ran outside and put some plastic on the garden but still had to use umbrellas. Thankfully, we have quite a collection.

Finn the kitty ran outside for about 3 min. He stopped in the middle of the yard and looked confused; didn't know where to run that wasn't wet. So, I scooped him up easily and his little heart was pounding. Poor guy!

My youngest fell asleep after all that walking. Actually, I did too. It was worth trotting about and getting some air/exercise. I think I may need to invest in some rain boots and coat for me.


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