Workouts and so on

Since I found out my main problem isn't something serious (diabetes, thyroid, major depression), I've decided to try and get healthier. Nothing major, just adding 10-30 min a day of productive exercise. I've been using for this. They have an excellent reputation, are free and really does encourage me with their 10 min routines. I tried the pilates for the first time and boy, I was sore for the first few days. But now, I LOVE IT! Even though it is still hard for me to do stuff on there, I really enjoy it and feel about 70% better emotionally as well as physically. I want to get the DVD for more routines. I'm working on strengthening my core and I feel like it's doing just that. Today, I tried out the Bollywood 14 min exercise. I used a chair for the more difficult parts (deep lunges, squats to the floor). On the whole, I really enjoyed it. I hope my feet won't protest later on (barefoot workout). We shall see.

I found out there is a walking program on spark people and that interests me. It starts off with 15 min walking: 5 min warm up, 5 min brisk walk, 5 min cool down. I can totally do that. That's the first week and from there you increase (see the link). So, I'll give that a try.

In other news, I'm working on my art every day. I realized I was putting that off because of childcare, house duties, etc. If I sit for just 5-10 min, I've mentally connected to my work and don't feel distressed I'm not doing anything. Plus, it's a good feeling over all to get things accomplished. I had planned to submit 2 things pieces this month for a deadline. One was for the ACEO of the month an ebay group I joined a while back. I missed that not realizing it was for May 1. The other one is due May 6th, I think. I'm going to try and see what I can do and hopefully submit it to Cloth Paper Scissors. At least I'm thinking about submitting! :)

I have been updating my website/on-line shops as well. I'm trying to use Etsy more frequently but haven't really sold too much on there. Ebay seems like a better deal but you do have to list every week...which can be tedious. Even if Etsy costs a little, the listings last for a few months.

We're thinking of doing an Art Yard Sale this Saturday. Hopefully, the weather will be good and we can do this. I'll probably do the Farmer's market again. The good thing about having places to sell your work, is you encourages you to make new things. :)


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