It's Memorial Day in the United States. We are remembering those who served and sacrificed for our freedom. And we are remembering those who have left us.

I talked to my mom and we had a good conversation~mostly about museums for some reason. The kids, Jon and I went to the local hardware store and walked around the plant section thinking of planting and getting soil. The kids were allowed to pick one plant: strawberries, petunias and some other goodies made the cart. All in all a good trip.

The kids were so peaceful and happy at Lowe's and I know need to find garden places to go and relax at. I wish we had a Huntington Library around here. I did hear of some local gardens and will have to research them.

I could easily take a nap and relax but the dishes are calling my name and so on. It's overcast, feels like a storm is coming but everyone is outside digging away. lol I love it. :)


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