Friday and Sunny~

Gorgeous day today. I should take a few pics or upload a few, actually. I was trying to photo with my tablet and it's not the same as a regular camera. I thought it would be just as good, but nope. Or I need a tripod for it. Geesh, my hands are shaky.

Anyway, things are finally calming down. My mom is in pain from her hip but seems to be muscle related. Trying to get her to agree to go to the drs. At least to get physical therapy. We shall see.

We had a cold snap, then a heat/muggy wave and now it is just wonderful weather. I am praying my allergies keep at bay and I'm feeling good for a bit. I'm tired of having headaches.

Also, I've been researching how to work with kids and not lose my temper...which I seem to be queen of. I need to keep in mind that they are kids and I am the adult here. It's hard to do when your buttons are pushed...but again, I don't need to let them be pushed. It's hard but worth it.

I found an excellent site from my preschoolers school about charts for kids from 2 to 18. It's really helpful and gives the kids goals to aim for. I KNOW we can do this. I think we can! I'm calling the "little train that could" mentality and we shall over come. :)

Some good things, I'm getting ideas for redoing some of my rooms and making them more accessible and friendly. I've got to clear out my studio, again and get that functioning. The good thing is summer is coming up and we can just relax a little and enjoy each other.

One thing I really want to learn is welding. I think this would be an excellent skill and fun to do. Obviously, got to have all the headgear/protections in place. I've wanted to learn this for yrs.

Thinking of planting and getting things going outside. I heard the easiest thing to grow is lettuce and is very healthy for you. So, this might be our first thing to try. Jon bought some seeds and we shall see what turns up.

I'm a little embarrassed. I found a missing book I thought my hubby donated. It's been missing for a year and I thought for sure it was in the car (I had brought it there to read or so I thought) and got mixed in the books we donated. Well, I found it. I moved some furniture and voila! There it was under some dusty books behind a table. Now, I have to say sorry to Jon. Oh,  The good thing is the book is FOUND! Yes!


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