Tying it all together...

After much procrastinating, scratching my head and wondering how to do blogs/websites, I'm connecting it and learning how to organize my work and make it easier for you viewers out there. Yes, I know it's taken me awhile but I have had a lot on my plate and for that I'm patting my self on the back for even still being here. Honestly, it's been a crazy few years. Deep breath.

I recently had some blood work and found out I'm fine except for my weight. That is something I can work on...just need to do it. So, that is my mantra, now. Just do it (as the Nike expression goes). I do feel a bit better already. I also would say having more sunlight and warmer weather helps tremendously as well. However, I will not let this be a factor when it becomes Fall and Winter, again.  :)

Today feels like a much better day. I don't know if it's because the kids were easier to get up, or the weather thing or just feeling like a cloud is starting to lift, but it feels good. During the week, we tired to find the aurora borealis but only say the stars come out which was very beautiful and awe inspiring. I want to do this more often, star gaze. I know there is supposed to be a shooting star coming up on April 22. Should be wonderful and try to see that too.

upload Didn't see the aurora...did any of you? The above link is a cool time lapse of the light show if you didn't live in Canada or Alaska or missed it. ;) Enjoy! I'm updating my website as well and that's where I'm leading you with the tying it all together. I'm going to upload more work on ebay/etsy and have to re add my flickr account to my blogs as I needed a new link to attach it. Little by little, getting it done.


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