sometimes when death

Sometimes when death overwhelms and sorrows keep me from seeing straight through vision blurred by rain, I think of you and miss you and want you here. Are you really gone? Are you really gone? How could this be? This burning hot anger fills my heart and I muffle screams and tears.

And then, 7 months to your leaving us, I dreamt you came to visit. I sensed you would...I've been waiting. You came to me in a dream and were all, hey, it's okay. I'm watching out for you now. And I was like, wow. And pleased that you came and like, wow. So, it's true and now, I'm crying all over and it's morning and that feeling/knowing could fade so I'm writing it down. Because I really, really feel it wasn't just a dream. But a truth. And that, that makes my heart sing~


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