praying for those hurt recently

Audrey Heburn

Thinking about the recent events that a story about a man opening his shop the day after the bombing. I thought, what an incredible person to do that. Brave and shows a total sense of carrying on. I don't know if I could do that...only 1 block away. But he did and put a flag up to show that America is not afraid or will be defeated by insanity.
My feeling of late is an act of violence like this is a cowardly attitude. It takes so much more to talk to people and communicate. I'm still in shock by all of this.
I keep thinking about past leaders...Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and so on. Where is our religious leader to unite us and guide us? One that most will agree with and most will listen too? There seems to be a huge lag in this department.
Oh, and I'm so angry at the new Pope. His next agenda is to, get this, weed out the "bad Nuns". Who are they? Feminist/strong women who stand up to men in power. It makes my head spin. Of all the things this Pope wants to crack down on...not corruption, not raising up the poor, not helping children...stamping down on strong females. CRAZY. What it did make me think of is, it was probably nuns who reported indecent behavior by priests and this is their way to "get back" at them. I know, I know...conspiracy theory. But it does make you wonder about the logic of it all...


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