Off schedule

Got up super early today...4:30am. I have no idea why I would get up this early. I did go to bed early, but 4:30?? I did some stretches, made coffee, am debating starting a laundry load and possibly, laying back down for some zzz's. I think I was off balance because I had so much meat stuff for dinner. It was calzone's, Philie cheese steak style. Never had them that before...very good but way too much meat. or maybe too much bread...which I ate all of. Anyway, it was Lydia's 11th b-day and she is super happy with everything. :) She even got a remote control car to her delight, video game, fun shirts and more goodies. So, all in all a good day.

all in all, a happy kid! :)

Plus, we actually had warm enough weather to go hang outside without winter coats. Thank, God!


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