Fitness Routines and routines in general

I started to do a few of the 10 min routines on They're pretty good, quick and get your heart beat going. But I do feel sore...especially from the pilates routines. Since, I'm pretty much a beginner, this makes sense.

I was supposed to have a dental appointment but had to cancel. My back is feeling too stiff and I don't want to have my teeth worked on and feel pain from that too. ouch. And why did I make the appointment at such an awkward time (between preschool hours??). not thinking, am I?

With all this emotional stuff happening all over the place from sad things in the news, and close to home, I'm glad I feel all right and not too down. Sometimes, you just need to turn off all the media and just let it go. I did some meditations and that helped too.

A part of me would like to curl up and go back to bed for 2-3 hrs but that's not going to happen as I have responsibilities to my tribe. :)

I feel optimistic about some things but down about others. I guess it's the constant fear of am I doing the right thing...should I be an artist? Should I be a writer? Can I do both? Should I start going back to school now or wait till Fall? All of these thoughts are in my head. And then, there are the mommy things and parenting as well mixed in. If, if I do this, I will take my time and not get frazzeled...yeah, right. I think I will organize and declutter (as I am doing) to make things flow a bit easier.

I know it's not much but I did rearrange my living room. I moved the futon by a window, the rabbit hutch by the couch and piggy cage in the middle of the room. And I cleared out some things. I need to either have a yard sale or donate to a thrift shop, soon. :) Hopefully, the weather will be good and we can do some of this.

Have a good day!


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