Sushi and other things

Sushi! My 1st time making this

I finally had the courage and energy to make the sushi. I watched several videos on instruction and got the idea. Plus, I bought the imitation crab meat and I didn't want it to spoil before I used it, so I had to take the plunge. :)

I did about 5 sheets and you can get about 6-7 sushi rolls from, we had quite a bit. It was fun once I got the hang of it. I used a bamboo roll (from the local market) and I made my own version of the rice...used a drop of vinegar, some ginger juice from the pickled ginger, salt and sugar. It came out really good and I had fun. :) Jon took some pics of me working...I''ll download those soon.

For dessert tonight, I warmed up my electric waffle maker. I mixed a package of strawberry cake mix with apple sauce and 1 1/3 cup water. Sprayed the grooves w/ a bit of cooking oil, poured in a ladle of the mixture and had lovely waffle/crepe's for dessert. The kids loved them. :) I had mine with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Very good. I think whipped cream would have been even more delightful.

I've been feeling tired all day. I think it's because we're getting a bit storm come Monday...this is how I usually feel when the barometer acts out. I should download an app to see what it's like. I feel like a Hattifattener (from the Moomins) :The Hattifatteners cannot see very well, but their sense of touch is very strong, and they can feel ground vibrations and electricity. 

    Last night, we watched some more Doc Martin. I really like this show and usually don't have any issue with some of the more semi-realistic medical scenes. Except for last night. It just totally made me feel weak and ill...I had to wobble upstairs quickly and lay down. It made me feel that awful. Maybe it was a delayed reaction to having blood drawn a few days ago...either way, I felt awful.

I'm taking a break from that show. Maybe I'll catch up on old Ghost Whisperer's I'm still bummed that is gone. I loved the beginning with the visuals and it was just a fun/scary show. Ghosts I can handle...well, usually.

Some good news, at last. My tailbone is feeling a lot better. I hurt it in September and nearly 6 months later, I'm almost recovered. It is one of the most uncomfortable pains I've had and for so long. I told my doctor about it and she was like, I had that too...sit on one hip, and all that. This has helped too.

Talked to my mom. I really miss spending time with her and my whole family. It feels like things get in the way, too much stuff happening. Hopefully, things will calm down now and we can get some time in.

I feel exhausted. I hope I'm not getting a cold. Norrie has a fever and her friend came down sick at school. All we need is another flu/cold. I really, really hope we feel better and this is just weather related. This winter seems to drag on, seriously. I am longing for some green and warm weather.


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