Sore throat and cats...again.

Katie Fern is disgusted by our colds

Geesh, when will these kids settle down and not be sick? It seems like one is sick and next thing you know, everyone is sick. The youngest Gottshall was coughing all day yesterday and finally fell asleep later then usual. He's better now but looks thinner and pale. :( Poor guy. No hot face or too warm but not normal either. Last night his face was so flushed. His throat was hurting and he was not happy. Now, he's stable and watching cartoons.

We had the snow day and are making up for all this lost time...I guess. It seems like I was on a cleaning fix yesterday...mostly laundry. The story of my life. I can see how this becomes a constant problem for families especially if the laundry is in the basement. Either way, I'm trying to stay on top of the laundry monster.

Sampson says, How dare you get sick?
I keep think what a cool thing it would be if my mom lived here with us. She could keep an eye on the youngest Gottshall while I got chores done and then we could do sewing, etc. Just a daydream.

How many times getting sneezed and coughed in your face equal either coming down with a cold or becoming immune? I have no idea but my nose feels stuffy. And people wonder why I get sick all the time. I've been wiping things down with the Clorox wipes but getting direct exposure is a true test of germ warfare. sigh.

I'm trying not to be down about all of this. March 20th is Spring (2 wks!!!!!!!!!!!). this winter has been really tough, for some reason. I know it has to do with losing my dad and my dear kitty, Simone. It's like getting punched in the heart a few too many times. I can't even think about Mr. Nelson with out getting teary eyed. bother...sometimes it feels like you can bottle up your feelings but it is a thin glass that can easily shatter with the right memory pitch.

Finn is not pleased he is easily found in our game of hide and seek
I have a word for the day calendar that my dad-in-law got us. I preferred the Zen one I got last year but my sis-in-law snatched that away (greedy, Julie...yes, I said her name the shy hermit sister in law that does not want to be named is named and talked about on my blog. I know...I'm being revengeful). The word for the day is ailurophile. If you already know what that means, good for you. For the rest of us, it means: a cat fancier: a lover of cats. Yes, I would describe my self as such. :)

Finn said,"all is forgiven, you cat lover, you"
Growing Kiwi cat
Kiwi is ashamed of my joke about Kiwi's being grown, not made
 Kiwi's are grown not made (2006. ;)


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