Snowy snow and colds, you know

The youngest Gottshall has a bad cough and has been at it all day. Finally, fell asleep, flushed face, mumbling and slightly fevered. Not the best feeling in the world when your child is ill. You start imagining all sorts of things and getting anxious. The cold and snow don't help making you feel trapped and worried that the weather doesn't warm up to heal chest colds. That is how I'm feeling right now. Praying he'll feel better soon and be his happy self. His mood has been good, even with this yucky feeling.

I started to feel like maybe I made it worse by letting him peddle his tricycle the other day (it was cold but sunny). Still, he was so happy and I was glad to move around, too. I think a lot of kids are anxious about being inside so much. My kids are so annoyed with winter and being inside so much. I figured that getting some fresh air would be a good thing...maybe we're just not used to it and that is why we are getting colds.

Supposedly, it's going to warm up to 48 (wow) and then go back down. Oh, Mister Groundhog, why did you betray my trust and sense of hope???

I'm feeling tried, finally. Jon baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and it was keeping me up. I can sleep now, I think.

I didn't do much of any art today. The snow day through all of us off. Instead, I cleaned and got the pile of dishes and laundry down. Now, if I can only clear out some space in the basement and make a spot to play for the kids (simple sandbox for the youngest and art spot for the older two. I'm seriously tempted to put most of our junk in a yard sale and donate the rest. Honestly, I see how valuable space is and cluttering it up, is not fun. Okay, I might be a bit cabin feverish my self. Nightie night!


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