Passing of my dear aunt Tina

I just learned that my aunt Tina passed away. She was an adopted aunt and close to our family. I'm so grateful that she had so many friends and family to be with her in the end. I just wish I could have seen her one more time. I'm so grateful that she got to go to my brother's wedding and that she was always an example of cheerful, upbeat, happiness. Love radiated from her actions, voice and mentality. I will miss her. I told my mom and she will miss her too. But we know she is with her mother, father and is visiting with my dad and aunt Dimka. I still can't believe so many people have left us. It's a true testament to life...make good friends your family and they will be gold to you through out life. It's so true.

Sometimes, life seems to be a blur of activity and you might think your problems will always be there...but they won't. Make the most of our sweet time on earth and love one another. That is what I learned from Tina.


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