Friday, at last

Can't believe it's already 7pm. This week has been really off due to weather and so on. I just want to sleep right now...but I'm not going to. Here's so photos I don't think I've shared before:

my snow owl quilt (on my etsy shop)

some art I really admire

super cute idea for my Gingerbread

Gingerbread, who would think I was mad to put a hat on her

some of my felt/illustration art

Anyway, I feel tired and exhausted. I didn't do very much art...basically, it was shovel snow, salt, pick up kids, chores and so on. This winter has been really difficult. I don't know if it's the weather, depressing stuff happening or everything all at once but I feel like I could sleep for 20 hrs, easily. I know I was ill and am still getting my sea legs back. I sure wish we'd become spring...even if it meant allergies for me. I'm that ready for it.

Some good things: I finally had a brain blast and used the left over pieces of outdoor carpeting to line our driveway so our shoes are not caked with mud or snow. :) I feel a bit more sane, now and not like we are trudging through a farm yard or something. You would not believe how much mud there is when things melt. And of course, the kids find a way to see how deep they can stick their shoes/branches into the mud. Crazy mud!

I'm doing spring cleaning out. I'm putting as much junk into the garage I want to try selling at a yard sale or donate. Slowly building up steam on this.

I guess having blood work makes a person feel blah. So, this didn't help. All I know is I hope it's nothing serious and I can get healthy.

I need to start looking for part time work. I'd like something art related but would try new things as well. We shall see. 


Abbey Crafton said…
I love your enchanting and unique style!!!! So original!

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