I wrote a different word then stinks but thought I'd rather not start a title with a bad word. This morning was moy stinkito. It still stinks because there is trash to collect, laundry to bring down and up, chores to be done and so on and so forth. All of this is hampered by the fact I feel lousy and am feeling seriously sad about my aunt's passing. I just feel like someone punched me in the heart a few times and I'm feeling winded. I still can't wrap my mind around her passing. I just feel so, so sad. It was stomach cancer and she was treating it with chemo and natural remedies. But I don't know if it was something that could have ever been controlled as our grandma Verda (her mom) passed from something similar. :( I wish I could go to the memorial.

Too many people have died from cancer. I wish there was a way to cure it and a way for people never to get it. Perhaps that is a dream but how I wish it were real.

This weekend was bizarre and upsetting. Besides all of this sorrow, the youngest Gottshall was coughing all the time, feel on his cheek (playing on a chair) and slept at the wrong time and basically messed up his sleeping pattern. Up at 3 am and tearing the house apart. I swear if they invented something to protect your house and kid from the kid, I'd buy that. I'm thinking large inflatable bubble that a kid could run around inside and not clobber him self or destroy things. He is me times 10. I was, apparently, a crazy child and would get into all sorts of mischief. My dad would often call me mischievous...often thought that was my name.  I'm surprised they didn't have more white hair when I think of all the stupid things I did. Geesh. Poor parents.

Anyway, at least with having melt downs and tantrums (glad I'm feeling better now), I got some stuff done...laundry is churning away, the steps are vacuumed, the floors are sort of picked up, laundry is being put away, etc, etc blah blah blah. I hate doing chores. But if I have to do them, I want to do them quickly without stepping on pets/kids and that is being accomplished. I'm angry at our dog, Penny. She pooped not once but twice in the house. What the heck?!? I put her outside and it's warm and she comes running inside like she is all proud of doing her duty and then I go upstairs and there is a pile to great me! I don't get it. I don't care. I cleaned it up and she is banished to outside till I pick up the little one.

Oh, and of course, when I go to drop off the littlest Gottshall, we're all singing and happy...until, the door opens to the car. Then, he is instant crying, instant pulling on the chair and turning magenta. I pried off his hands and basically drove off while he was bawling. Whatever. Such drama. And do you know what it really is all about? A Frisbee. He has this Frisbee that he was playing with the other day (they were caked with mud because Jon didn't put limits on anyone, of course) and someone left the Frisbee in the lower muddy yard. He saw it and wanted it. I said, no. We'll get it after school because I didn't want to get mud covered. So, he's standing there crying and bawling and refusing to get in the car. Mind you the path is pretty muddy from Jon not putting gravel or hay down. So, we finally get in the car with screaming and kicking. Maybe I should carry ear plugs in the car...apparently, I can hear that pitch of screeching! Anyway, we made it to school, dropped off the elders and got him tearfully dropped off and I have managed to get the stinkin Frisbee and have it ready for his pick up in a few. Good Monday morning to you! Seriously, things have to go up from here, right??


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