It's an off day for the kids...in-service day and Presidents Day weekend. So, they are home and I'm bouncing off the ways with the kids. Not at problem just feel out of sorts for various reasons. I really, really feel sick of people at the moment.

The kids concert was cancelled because they "had" to move it to the Jr. High on short notice for repairs to the HS. But some how, they couldn't fit in the kids who practice music at school, only the special after school program kids. That just irritated me and other parents. If you can't fit everyone in, maybe, maybe you should find a venue for everyone to go to instead of excluding some kids. Just really annoying and unfair to the kids who have been practicing and the parents who were expecting to go. I think the teacher felt badly and gave some of the kids stools. I know my middle gal was not pleased as she didn't get to do the concert.

This brings up a whole lot of annoyance because apparently the good auditorium that could actually house everyone was torn down 3 or 4 years ago to make a football field. :( So, now we are all suffering for that great decision.

We found out there are definitely closing 2 elementary schools this summer and it's going to lay off a number of staff and faculty. Great. The only good thing is it will have kids go to better school areas and hopefully, the our kids can keep going to the same school they've been going to. We shall see.

I'm still upset about our church situation. Jon wants to be on the back burner for I don't know for how long. I feel badly because I'd l don't know what's going to happen for us and our kids. I just want a stable church experience with no talk of history (or very, very little and on the positive side) and do 10-20% volunteering. I still don't know what to think of some people and just want to distance my self from melodrama.

The good thing is I have learned the people who are making the church run/continue are the best of the best. I'm not just saying that either. They are strong and fair minded and I feel if we keep going that route, we would come back (mostly if there is a rector with positive attitude).

I think most of my annoyance is I forgot to take my allergy pills and I'm feeling ear pain/sinus issues. :( So, I'd better do that soon.

We finally got a new computer. A lot has changed and I'm annoyed this too. I can't seem to download my photos/movies on blogger (keeps turning off) and I have to learn all this new stuff. Plus, all my info is on the other computer, still. I know I shouldn't complain but there, I did.

Plus, meteor's are falling, asteroids are going by and it's just all bizarre and too science fiction-ish right now. I just feel tired and would like to take a nap.


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