Flu or cold...I don't know

But I've got something and the good thing is it's not head pain. Last night/afternoon was horrible. I had the worst headache/ear pain. Now, I'm sneezing and that is good (get's all the pressure out). Thank God!!!!

I'm also feeling less shivery and achy. I actually had energy and went to the craft store and found lots of fun things to play with (new wool and felt!!). Can you tell I'm excited?  :) I have to wait as I have to go out and get some salt (we are having icky ice falling right now) and pick up the 4 yr old. Before that, I have to find my yak tracks and walk carefully to the car. It is SUCH a burden to have all this snow/ice just to go to school or outside. This time of year is making me WISH really badly for Spring and want to move back to California regardless of the earthquakes (well, maybe not) not possibly having to live in an apartment (okay, that would not be fun with all our critters, kids and stuff).

I keep thinking, Spring is coming. Don't get depressed, keep focused on gardening. Soon you'll be wishing you had more time indoors, etc. Blah, blah, blah. However, I looked at the forecast for the week ahead and it's ALL snow except for Sunday (thank you, God).

I looked at craft lights that have "natural" lights and I'm like $150 for this??? Maybe I can get a few light bulbs at Lowe's and make things more natural that way. We shall see. Any tips, I'd appreciate.

Here are some Spring reminders:
when Lydia and Norrie were small...visiting pigs at Penn State

a beautiful peony from my yard
lovelies from facebook


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