Emotional Day

Simone in the grass

I've been carrying my 22 year cat around in my arms all day...typing out emails, doing chores as she is not improving and might not make it much longer. I am so amazed at the ability to carry on even when all things are breaking down and not functioning. It's sad and beautiful and so strong...the will to live. The ties to earth bind us and yes, it is painful and hard to watch, but knowing that life thread wishes to continue is amazing. It makes me respect life all the more and even when we must go, we go only because that body really is weak. I'm grateful to be here and know she is here. And I hope when she does leave, her life thread is reborn in another being. It just seems to be this connection of love that binds us all. If that makes sense!

Little Simone....

Simone in the sunlight


vivian said…
wow, 22, thats a wonderful love filled long life for a sweet kitty. my first kitty lived to be 19. she probably doesnt want to leave you just yet. maybe shes worried about leaving you behind.
how precious she is.

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