Blizzardy day

How did it ever get so cold and windy? I dread having to go out tonight but we are planning to go. I'm not pleased. I'd rather cover up in two or three blankets, sip coco or apple cider and watch a movie. But as it is, the kids want to go out, play with their friend and have a play date.

I guess I'm depressed about church and about how things are just crazy over there. There is a lot to think about and I'm praying things work out. I don't want to hold grudges but it's hard to deal with people who "just show up" after our priest is going to leave. It's really un-Christian and makes you question people's comprehension of what church/faith means.

Plus, why does it have to be SO cold??? I hate spending so much time inside and have to or freeze your appendages off. :P

I did have a little bit of fun. I put an angry bird water tattoo on my wrist and from a distance it looks real-ish. I think I freaked out a few folks. lol

I think I want to go to Barnes and Nobles and get a new craft book. I saw one there the last time; it looked promising. Hopefully, I can remember the title/image so I can get it.

I started feeling depressed at the art store too. I felt like, what is this all about? Why bother? We're all headed to the grave, anyway. Yeah, I sound down. I shouldn't feel so down but I do.

I've got to focus and finish some of my projects, I think. I kept talking about making a kitty quilt in honor of Simone and I need to build a wooden box for my dad's ashes. I got the wood and I hope I can build it well and make it looks nice for my mom. I'm thinking of carving some doves on it and a something with at a heart...low key and subtle to represent Christ's eternal love. Great, now I've got my self all emotional, again.

One thing I feel glad about is reading that there are women/men out there who have questions about their faith or might have a different take on God and still go to church. I don't know why that is reassuring but it is.

I also feel betrayed. I feel like so many of my family (and some friends) just ignored me during the whole election thing on face book. I can tell no one was following me or even concerned because they didn't like my politics. It's fine that people don't but it is annoying that people aren't allowed to have their own opinion and talked like trash behind their back. I even had relatives deemed unworthy because we came from CA. Crazy.

Anyway, things will get better. Time ticks on. Just really annoying and tender at the moment.


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