Yummies and good omens

I've been trying the kids on different foods and mostly, trying to get them to make the food (making foods equals trying the food, I've found).

We tried this easy recipe called Peanut Butter Noodles. The kids loved it. I used regular pasta and it came out fine. My husband loved it too. The recipe is very Thai in taste and simple, a new favorite.

I just did a marshmallow popcorn ball...super easy especially if you have a popcorn maker. The kids all love it and not too messy. Just really wait till the marhmallow and butter cools a bit as it's very hot to handle.

It's funny we're usually at one of the relatives houses during Sunday, so I have more time to do stuff. I sort of wish we'd take off every other Sunday to just relax. I love the family but it can be a bit too much together time.

We actually went for a walk in a month or more. I know it's mostly because of my sprained foot that I've been house bound...plus, a healthy dose of ice fear. It was really nice walking around...even the mud looked pretty! I hope this is it for storms but every time I think this, a storm pops up. So, I'll say, I hope we get more snow storms!! ;)

One of the exciting things at church...an actual bat flew around. Of course this delighted the kids and even I was excited about possibly seeing it. The bat talk brought up conversations of a bat pooing on you as we walked up to communion. I said it's good luck. They were like, what?!? I guess they hadn't heard of the that good omen! I looked up good omen's and here's what I found. I really like the bird dropping one and the bat nesting in your house. Who knew?! What are some omens of fortune that you know? I grew up with the bird droppings one. Nice to know that different cultures have these too. :)


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