too much of too much

bracelet by me
Curious title, I know. Basically, I've been on Facebook a wee bit too much. Well, what I do is hop on between chores, kid stuff, and running around...usually, I love to find art that inspires me. I have a huge catalog of things on my EDGE Gallery facebook page. :) Check it out sometime.

Anyway, I've been cleaning and picking up mostly...driving kids to doctors appointments, me to doctors, etc, etc. Cuddling with my ailing kitty, Simone. She's 22 and is getting dramatically thin and fragile. :( So, this is emotionally over my head. This brings up a lot of other emotional things from dad passing and my first doggie, Mr. Nelson. So, it's depressing. The kittens are keeping things balanced as are the kids. I just feel tired from everything (mostly, the driving). Plus, I've been thinking a lot of what I want to start for the year, etc.

I got my art up at the library...though, I wish I had more pieces and I was planning to bring in more but all this stuff happened. The good thing is we seem to be catching up on things health wise.

Maybe the ice is getting to me or the weather...I don't know. All I do know is I want to do more art work and I just seem stretched thin. I know I was recovering from my sprained ankle (which is SO much better) and I still have some other things to heal, etc. But I am doing better and I need to focus on that (instead of what I "haven't finished"). I guess this is coming out since I've been cleaning up my studio...a lot of unfinished work. One of my plans is to finish at least 1 thing a week and post it. Actually, I just added that last part on...the post it part. Why'd I write that?? Now, I feel annoyed but I will try to do this.

I'm making a huge progress in cleaning out my space and letting things go. I just want space and less stuff to deal with. My mom had a good point...give it away and let others use it. I love this and am trying to remember/do this. :)

old man Finn
Plus, and this is shameful for me, I still haven't sent out Christmas cards/gifts and will have to wait till the end of the month as we used up our extra money already.  Oh, well. Sorry! Hopefully, by then, all the kids photos will be in and I can start mailing things out.

But it is good to get late gifts ... I got a late box and it really brightened my spirits. :) THanks, Mom!


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