Day 2 of head pain/migraine

This is going to be a mostly complaining post. Sorry! I did a bunch of dusting about 4 days ago and tons of laundry...which is like some sort of tide that never ends. :( :( :( Anyway, I apparently, am very sensitive to the dust when I pull out the lint from the dryer. I'm going to have to wear a mask as it bothers me to no end.

I felt really ill and yucky. I did manage to make it to the doctor and get my new hearing aid. It works really good but right now, loud noises really make me feel ill (the sinus crude). So, I'm not using it. Plus, the youngest Gottshall got up really early and this has made me feel sluggish and blah. And I think I need my next dose of pain pills. :P

I did manage to clean up, a little. Now, the dining room table has only a few things on it, 1 kitten, a box of crayons and some coloring paper. Earlier, you would have had to add the youngest Gottshall as well. What is it with kids and a clean table that they have to sit on it??

I wrote to the Target headquarters and suggested a store in downtown Altoona. They have markets now and I thought this would be a great place to put one. Who knows? At least they know there is a need and a lot of people would use it (including me). :)

Anyway, I'd like to take a nap but really am not allowed unless someone else sleeps first. Oh, well.

I'm trying to organize my basement to get most of my art stuff down there and some of the kids art things. That way we have more space and everyone is in one spot. I think I need more overhead lighting too.

I dreamed we closed in our front porch and had a bathroom/spare room there. That would be cool. Or else the back porch (or both!). Yeah, well, we shall see.

Speaking of tables, the youngest G is back on the table. He is acing like it's a toy...maybe he's bored.

I've got to make another soup. I made potato soup but it's at the bottom of the pot. Wonder what I should try...we shall see. Maybe a lentil or pumpkin (I have a can of pumpkin).

I really hate feeling so blah...well, I better take my meds and get my self doing some more art. Oh, here's a recent article about my work.

I wanted to bring in some more work but the kids got ear infections and I was exhausted from driving around, etc. Plus, my own ear stuff. Oh, well. It did inspire me to start to make some new things and the desire to finish some things has happened too. All in all a good feeling.

Pray that I feel better soon! I need to call my mom too. Have a good day!


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