Thankful for....

my first crop of potatoes grown in a barrel
What are you thankful for? These thoughts are filling my head and heart as we approach that official day of Thanksgiving. Each day is has something to offer in thanks. Sometimes, it's just thankful you made to the end of the day and can go to sleep. Others it's thankful for sweet family and friends, a warm break in the weather, thankful for kindness of new people and old, thankful for support groups, silliness of kids, seeing things in a different light, warm things from the dryer, coffee, and communicating by phone and emails. When you think about it, there is much to be grateful for.

One thing I'm thankful for is rice tables. I had completely forgotten about rice tables/trays. Now that my youngest is going to preschool, he has found out he loves their rice table. I made a simple one for him with a cookie sheet and a half cup of rice. Some has spilled on the floor, but he is so happy, I'm not going to worry about it...well, maybe sweep a bit so I won't slid around on the floor.

I'm glad I made it my middle child's education week PE class. She was really grumpy and sad (I had to refresh her about rules and punishments...we're going to compromise on what rules we want...I think this will make it easier to enforce as well as see why the rules are important. She has a tendency to over sleep and grumble/putter getting out of bed). So, it's a good thing. My eldest is an early bird, already.  So, no problems there. Just need to focus on grooming before we come down for breakfast. This will help bottle necking in the upstairs. :)

Little by little, getting things done. So many changes have happened in such a short time. It sort of left me breathless. But, we're starting to catch up on everything and getting into routines. Of course, I say this just before Thanksgiving week off! lol

Kiwi looking pretty


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